2018 Summer in Boston, Massachusetts

2018 Summer in Boston, Massachusetts

Hello from Annie!

I am a UX Researcher interested in behavioural economics, service design, complex system and processes, people from all walks of life, and painting.

As a former User Research Intern at ecobee, I built an insight database and led discovery research for a service design project.

Currently exploring how general consumers perceive risks at the Behavioural Economics in Action at Rotman in Toronto.

Investigated the behavioural changes pedestrians make to reduce the sense of risk on the road through a generative research project for Civic Innovation Office at City of Toronto.

Designed a civic infrastructure solution that turns Amman refugee problems into opportunities for social cohesion and urban integration at Jordan.

In 2018, with a team of amazing friends, we founded Mulan International Film Festival in Canada with 4,500 audience attendance.