July 2019 in Los Angeles

July 2019 in Los Angeles

Hello, hello!

I am a UX Researcher interested in behavioural economics, business design, and complex social system.

Currently, I am working on rapid research projects in the area of Search, Assistant, and News at Google in Mountain View.

Last fall, I built an insight portal and led discovery research for a new business line at ecobee, an IoT and smart home technology startup in Toronto.

Past summer, I had a lot of fun investigating the jaywalking behaviour for downtown pedestrians through conducting strategic research for the Civic Innovation Office at City of Toronto.

I also designed a civic infrastructure solution that turns Amman refugee problems into opportunities for social cohesion and urban integration in Jordan.

In 2018, with a team of amazing friends, we founded Mulan International Film Festival in Canada with 4,500 audience attendance.